From Hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2013: an outline of an article I’m too lazy to write

“The simultaneous deconstruction and reconstruction of society and social roles on the Appalachian trail.”

Null hypothesis of egalitarian and atomistic

Creation of “rules” through normativity.
– who is/isn’t a thru hiker
– cheating, yellow blazing
– “hike your own hike”
– good vibes and smiley interactions
– shelter norms
– rumors
– embracing trail culture
Creation of cliques –
– leadership
– decision making
– popularity
– in-group/out group
Brushes with and attempts at normalcy–
– town dress,
– interacting with day hikers,
– resupply
Registers and those who get “talked about”
– Legacy, making names for self
– (“famous” hikers) name drops
– rumors
– the “x” guy
– the meaning of popularity on the trail
What hike? This is a scene.


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