putting the ‘fun’ back in fundamental attribution error

I’m a lowly sociology grad student. I have little right to have opinions on my subject of study. I can hardly spell or formulate a coherent sentence. Yet–against all odds–I want to write about sociology. This blog, ideally, will serve as a proving ground to hash out ideas, tracing the path from coffee-shop(1) speculation to empirical questions to possibly empirical study to theoretical contribution (p<.001). The fact is, the world around me is an insanely interesting social place. In some ways its sickening, some ways it’s beautiful. I’m curious about it. I’m not the only one. So, in that regard, along with my own flailing attempts at contribution, posts will be made on others’ contributions and these won’t simply be limited to sociology but more broadly to anything of sociological relevance. What I do intend to post will run the gambit of “thought out” to hacked out outlines and speculations.

Just to throw some meat on the bones here, I’m going to post a flurry of disjointed essays and rambles I’ve saved in other venues. It may be quickly apparent what my interests are…

I have (had?) another blog but I’m all about starting fresh. So, here goes.



(1) because I don’t have an armchair


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