Sexual Politics of Cupcakes

The cupcake trend has grown significantly in recent years, highlighted most clearly by the zeitgeist of cupcake-oriented food channel shows showing the innner-ring of cupcake entrepreneurship, baking and the ensuing drama. At the center of this hoopla, no doubt, are women who, while perhaps not by name, have become something of pop culture folk heroes and their cupcake creations a testament to the entrepreneurial and business-like spirit of these women. This is all well and good–to show women as successful entrepreneurs–but here is the catch I see: they’re still in the kitchen.

It is worth an exploration into the media, businesses, cultural fads, social reproduction and symbolism of cupcakes and what they say about the state of feminism in contemporary times. Are we truly ready to accept powerful female figures when their rolls are outside of the kitchen? Confronting this trend: probably not.


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