Uncaged: Consumer Preferences for Cage-Free Eggs

Seems like a disconnect between what the consumer and the industry considers to be free range. I’d wager the consumer’s view more likely tends toward pecking around a sunlit barnyard. The industry view? Probably not as palatable to the concerned egg buyer. Which makes one wonder: why eggs? How does one agricultural consumer concern take precedence over another in a vast marketplace of potential concerns? What’s the make-up of these consumers–do they also demand “ethically” grown meat if they eat chicken? Have these markets and demands grown in tandem? This may reveal an interesting avenue for exploring how popular conceptions of conscious consumption manifest in consumer decisions despite significant evidence supporting such decisions.
What The Rise Of Cage-Free Eggs Means For Chickens : The Salt : NPR


Promises from big food companies to switch to “cage-free” eggs have set off a supply chain reaction among egg producers. Some producers are adding more cage-free houses to their operations. But scientists are still trying to measure whether cage-free chickens are really better off.

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